Holla at me!

Hey! My name is Shaunak Godkhindi and I'm the guy in that picture. I'm currently working as the lead web designer at Payscape while also taking on freelance clients. And before that I was at Edgar Allan, and Blueprint Digital. I'm a designer, a comedian, and a UGA graduate. I have a passion for cool shapes, washed colors, and all things graphic design. I have lived in India, Kuwait, Chicago, but I'm currently in Atlanta. #RiseUp

I have been doing comedy for about four years, and I've been a visual artist and designer my entire life. Only three years ago did I start taking design seriously, and since that time, I have been fortunate enough to intern with an award winning agency, had a job in web design, and have cultivated a variety of personal clients who I work with regularly. I have worked with small startups, agencies, and household products you can buy at Publix and Whole Foods.  I'm impatient, I'm a bad spellist, and I don't drink enough water. But when I like something I outwork, and out hustle anyone else doing it.

Let's make some stuff!

"To me, the world is just a collection of shapes and colors. And every time these shapes and colors interact, it's either hilarious or beautiful. Just look around."

- Something I said once after having too many beers. I still tear up at its sentiment.