About: My mom is the best cook I know and often talks about opening up her own restaurant and serving the food that I'm lucky to eat everyday. However, because of immigration barriers, she isn't able to run a business of her own. 

So I figured until we got the rights to open up her kitchen, I would get the branding out of the way. This process involved scanning old Indian food labels, mining Indian clipart databases, and getting inspiration from. The font resembles the hand painted lettering on Indian trucks. Google that if you want a lesson in typography. 

The main logo is a setting full moon because that's what Purnima means. Thanks for taking a look, and come out to our grand opening TBD. 

purnima web head.jpg
purnima web head 2.jpg
purnima heading 1.jpg
purnima heading 2.jpg
purnima menu.jpg
purnima Envelope.jpg
purnima bread.jpg